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Crescent Howl
Kind Werewolf pony
Sex Female
Occupation Unknown
Eyes Deep sea green
Mane Moderate violet

Dark grayish indigo

Dark blue

Coat Dark grayish blue violet

Medium gray

Nicknames Crescent, Howl, Howly
Relatives Moony (mother, deceased)

Unnamed Father (deceased)

Moon Phase (sister)

Moondust (cousin)

Cutie mark
Crescent Howl CM

A wolf howling over a moon

Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf

Characteristics and Biography[]

Generic Info[]

Crescent Howl is a werewolf pony that is the sister of Moon Phase. Although she sees her as a bad influence, she loves her sister very much. She's pretty strong, but doesn't want to show it. She also has anxiety, meaning she gets afraid alot, usually over small things. Hence her cutie mark, she likes to howl, but does it rarely. She's best friends with Aleta SpiritTatsu HonouraCorn FieldFlying Feather, and Plasma Fang.


Crescent Howl is anti-social and is shy when meeting ponies. However, she's loyal, but is usually by herself. She enjoys nature, but is timid.


Crescent Howl is a dark purple werewolf pony with dark violet and dark grayish purple, with dark blue tips, dark sea green eyes, a dark gray muzzle, dark gray inner ears, a crescent necklace, and a crescent bracelet.




  • She was based on the concept of Moondust being Moon Phase's sister.