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Crimson Shadow
Crimson Shadow - Armoured
Crimson Shadow in his Order of the Dawn Master Armour
Kind Alicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Member of the Order of the Dawn
Eyes Luminous vivid red
Mane Strong red
Coat Black
Relatives Unknown, possibly the Grandmaster(father), Princess Celestia or unknown unicorn(mother)
Magic aura Luminous vivid red
Residence Fort Aurora
Cutie mark
Red Cross
Black cross on a dark crimson field

BEING REDESIGNED, NONE OF THIS IS CANON. Crimson Shadow is a member of the Order of the Dawn . He is an alicorn , but disguises himself as a unicorn to maintain a low profile and the element of surprise. He has a black coat, a black and red mane and vivid red eyes. His Cutie mark is a black cross on a dark crimson field.


Crimson Shadow - Hood and Helm

Crimson Shadow in Order helm and cloak to hide his wings. Note the Order's emblem on the flank

He serves the Order with loyalty few can match and will gladly lay down his life to save any member of the Order. He has been a member of the Order for over 200 years and has achieved the rank of Master Archon, and is second only in ranking to the Grandmaster himself. He is secretive and has a serious outlook on life. He enjoys espionage and infiltration assignments and is often sent to watch over the bearers of the Elements of Harmony , at the Princesses’ request.


He is a master of magic and close quarters combat, able to access and control an ancient, almost holy, type of magic and use it to manipulate the laws of physics, he can release massive magical barrages and craft weapons and armour out of surrounding matter, he can heal ponies who are on the precipice of death and he can summon divine fire to incinerate those who oppose him and leave his allies unharmed. His skill in battle is superior to all, save the Grandmaster and the royal sisters.


He is close friends with the Grandmaster and this relationship has led to rumours that he is actually the Grandmaster’s son, with the mother either being a young unicorn in the Order with whom the Grandmaster fell in love with some 400 years ago, or Princess Celestia herself. The latter is not well known and generally dismissed because most of Equestria don’t know that Crimson Shadow is an alicorn. The Order refuses to confirm or deny the rumours. 


Created by Crus4der2011