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Crystal Cloud
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Light brilliant sap green
Mane Medium gray
Coat Light brilliant cyan
Nicknames Cloud, Crystal, Crissy, Blank Flank (Mallory)
Goal To be Rainbow Dash's fan or a die-hard fan (successful)
Cutie mark
She is still finding!
Voice Spencer Lacey Ganus
Owner User:Astralfleur

 Crystal Cloud is a filly pegasus and a die-hard fan of Rainbow, her favorite pairing can be RD and Soarin.

Personality []

As Rainbow Dash's fan, she always do Rainbow's style. She always races fillies to the end, but resulting she loses, but sometimes wins, but she didn't cheat because her idol doesn't cheat.

She still finds for her cutiemark, so she is becoming stubborn.


Rainbow Dash[]

She always keep following her idol's hoofsteps. Crystal always visit Rainbow Dash's house in Cloudsdale, so she can see her everyday. 

Her room is full of Rainbow Dash posters, and Rainbow Dash souvenirs, which is really true that she idolizes Rainbow. 


Mallory is her rival. They always boast about their idols, Crystal knew Mallory's idol is Spitfire. And Mallory's favorite pair is Spitfire and Soarin, while Crystal is RD and Soarin. Which make their rivalry worse. 


- She appeared in Rainbow Dash's Die-Hard Fan which is made by User:Astralfleur, her role is being a mysterious filly or pony all the time.