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Crystal Heart
Crystal Heart in her regular style,"The Mane Flow"
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Fashion Worker
Eyes Blue
Mane Purple with Pink streaks
Coat Light Pink
Nicknames Crystal, Cryssie.
Relatives Rarity: Cousin
Cutie mark
Comb and Scissors.
Owner ILoveCowoftheWild

Crystal Heart runs a fashion shop in Ponyville and designs clothing. She is known as the first-ever modelist designer in Ponyville.


Crystal Heart grew up as a filly in Baltimare. In her life as a filly, she always wanted to fly like the legendary Rainbow Dash. She attended Flight School, but did not win because of the colt Speedy. Upset, she returned to Baltimare.

She started learning about all the fashion models in Las Pegasus. She was always dreaming of becoming one and soon made her first dress. She also learned being a hair stylist and got her stylist cutie mark.

As time went on, she became a mare and decided to move to Ponyville to start her business. Baltimare had too few buildings to buy off from and those ones left over didn't come cheap. She learned Ponyville was a lot cheaper in taste and had much more room than Baltimare.

In the beginning of "My Little Pony: Equestria is Magic"[]

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