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Crystal Mayhem
Season 1, Episode 1-2
Elements Within
Season №: 1
Season episode №: 1-2
Overall episode №: 1-2
Written by: lunaflaire
Songs: The Ballad of The Crystal Heart
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Cloud Spark is sent to The Crystal Empire to make sure it would be safe and was promissed she may become the Captin of the Royal Guards when she returned to Canterlot. When she gets there King Sombra's shadow has returned and scares all the crystal ponies. She and five other ponies (Cryla, Moon Dancer, K.B., Feathermay, and Harth) must go though many tasks.

Puzzle Pieces[]

When searching for pieces to the puzzle to defeat Sombra each piece in acheived by an act that represents it

  • When the room that they were in was filling up with water, Cryla swam to the bottom with her paint brush and pounded the floor with it till it broke, this gave the piece of Creativity
  • Feathermay fixed the flag when every pony had given up on it, this gave the piece of devotion
  • K.B. showed every pony that Sombra wouldn't succeed, this gave the piece of Spirit
  • Harth's love brought a Crystal Pony back to life, this gave the piece of Compassion
  • Moon Dancer showed to fear when Sombra was attacking, this gave the piece of Courage
  • Cloud Spark's guidence and leadership gave the piece of Leadership and united them all, creating the Elements Within and defeating Sombra