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Cupcake Bolt

PinkieDash Pony for Pandora
Cupcake with her shaggy hair do. She usually looks like this after racing

Pinkie Pie Shipping Pony for Pandora
Cupcake with her normal hair style.

PinkieDash Foal Recieves Cutie Mark
Cupcake getting her cutie mark when she was a foal

Equestria Girls Cupcake Bolt
Cupcake in the human world. She has her shaggy hair instead of her normal hair style.

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Racer
Eyes Light blue
Mane Shades of pink
Coat Brilliant magenta
Nicknames Cuppie
Relatives Pinkie Pie (mother)
Some unknown pegasus (father)
Cutie mark
MLP Pinkie Foal Pandora Cutie Mark
Cupcake with lightning bolt
Owner Pandora
-Cupcake before a match

Cupcake Bolt is Pinkie Pie's future daughter and a very famous racer. She is also the element of laughter in My Little Pony: The Next Generation.


Like her mother, Cupcake is very hyper and energetic which is very good considering that she's a racer. She also possesses her mother's randomness which causes irritation among other ponies and her friends.


Pinkie Pie's future daughter is Cupcake Bolt. A very enthusiastic mare who adores racing. Cupcake was taught how to race by her father who was a famous racer but he had to quit to due the fact that he sprained his wing and it cannot be healed.

She started racing when she was just a filly in flight school. She didn't make that many friends though because of her egotistical nature. But as she grew up, Pinkie Pie taught her how to be more enthusiastic and energetic. Both of these traits gave her a plus when it comes to racing because when your a racer, you cannot get tired in the middle of the race.

Cupcake will race anypony that asks her to race with her no matter what type the pony is. She even allows them to do whatever they want in the races. (Ex. if a unicorn uses their magic to try to make Cupcake slow down, she allows it because it's more challenging to her). She also never backs down in any competition and tries her best to be number 1.


  • I did not draw all of these pictures XD all credits go to the fantastical LUNAFLAIRE :3
  • her design is loosely based off of Rainbow Dash's
  • her theme is cupcakes and pink
  • this is my very first future character :3
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