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Cynic Scene





Cutie Mark

a ANGRY camera

Extra Info

He talks to himself...A lot


Cynic Scene is precieved by most ponies as a grumpy and unpleasant individual, He has a Cynic outlook on everything and complains at anything. He isnt much of a social type and prefers a small group of friends.

He isnt really good at meeting other ponies. He usally igonores the bulk and talks only when they adress them, He is more fond of more levelheaded ponies and absolutely hates pridefull bragards. So he usally ignores them too. In conversations he usally makes snarky comments about the way others act or the situation they are in. otherwise when he is alone (Or he thinks he is) he starts talking to himself.

When with his friends his behavior becomes more reasonable and he talks more to people wheter they want or not.

He speaks his mind and can be verry blunt at times. If angered he will chew the person he speaks to out. He isnt much of a fighter trough. After he has calmed down he will aplologize most of the time

Cynic has a few interests like music and drawing cruddy caricatures but his greatest passions is promoting things for ponies it doesn't matter what: Presentations,Advertisements or Free givaways. He put his hearth and soul into it and is happy with his work. He especially enjoys recording movies and documentary.

His is a unicorn and has magic, but he isn't really skilled into it. He mostly uses it as illumination and as a projector for movies and words. He can record live ponies actions,store and project them.


As young colts hailing form his hometown of Hoofington. Cynic and his friends did nothing but cause trouble in the normally rustic village, A little while later he left Hoofington and became a traveling documentary maker, showing his magic recordings for fun and profit. Soon however he got a job for a large scale movie firm. The Wangler Brothers Studios. Since then he travels far and wide. Helping the production of movies like: BITS (the attack of the seahorse), Equestrian Filly And one flew over the Griffins nest.

Other Info

- When in conversation he actually begins to ramble, even when other ponies arnt listening

- He Talks to himself when doing something or when alone

- It is rumored that his is slightly autistic

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