Darkmoon by artist-darklord-1-
The Darklord
Sex Mare (Female)
Occupation Equestrian Military Defences
Eyes Brilliant scarlet (just like King Sombra)
Mane Dark sapphire blue with moderate violet and brilliant rose streaks
Coat Brilliant light pink
Nicknames G.D., Darkmoon, Darky, Darklord...
Relatives The Fallen Darklord (her respectful lord)

Marshal Silverstar (her marshal) General Silvermoon (a close friend, killed after Season 1)

Princess Celestia (her VIP (MIP)) Princess Luna (her VIP)

Mane six (her MIP)

Nightmare Moon (her old, greatest friend)

Owner Darkmoon (old user of Winternight)


DARKMOON was her spirit, herself have been chosen by Underworld old Deathlord, but she doesn't knew it. She have quite many power, but that do not mean she is the still the powerful pony at Equestria. 


Light and Darkness Element (under control by her)

Lv.1 (Blue Fire) - Beginner > Lv.2 (All kind of elementary fire) - Normal > Lv.3 (Electricity) - Expert (All have been conquered by itself, even the last one.)

Lv.1 (Water) - Beginner > Lv.2 (Ice) - Normal > Lv.3 (E. Disable all kind of water/liquid, even the blood inside) - Expert (All have been mastered by herself, even the last one, just the Lv.3 standby, a kind of dangerous power)

Lv.1 (Earth) - Beginner >

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