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DJ Thunderstruck is a laid back pony that works along side Vinyl Scratch. He is a pony that enjoys making music. When he is not making music he is listening to it.  

DJ Thunderstruck





Eye Color


Mane Color

Red, Black


Thunder, Beats

Cutie Mark

Musical Note with Red Lightning Bolt through it


Thunder has a dark grey coat, spiked red and black mane and tail, and grey eyes. All the other ponies like his appearance quite well, being called "handsome" and "cute". Some ponies refrain from talking to him, considering his colors are "dark" and "scary". His heart is just the opposite of his color. "Don't judge a book by it's cover" he is fond of saying. 


Thunder Color Reference

Personality []

Thunder is very laid back, but friendly. He is very fun to be around, telling all sorts of jokes and laughing with you. Once you are his friend, you will probably be glad you are. Some might think Thunder to be famous, but he claims he is just the opposite. "Being popular and having alot of friends are two different things..". 


People really like Thunder. Among some, he is considered one of the friendliest ponies, despite him being an introvert. Once you really get to know him, he is one of your best friends.  Thunder can be friends with anyone if given the chance. He likes having friends, even if he doesn't talk to them that much. He includes all his friends in everything he does. He isn't partial to any of his friends, the key to having alot of friends. 

Cutie Mark []

Thunder's cutie mark is a musical not with a red lightning bolt through it. He achieved it one day while he was making a dubstep. He worked months on it, but never could get it just right. Finally, after months and months of work, he finally got it just right. He was overjoyed, then it appeared on his side, a cutie mark! Thunder now had two reason to be the happiest pony in Ponyville.