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Daisy Day is DaisyBestPony's ponysona.

Princess Daisy Louisa Day

Princess Daisy Day
Daisy Day as the Artequine Princess

Daisy Day's new design
Daisy Day as a regular Unicorn

Filly Daisy Day
Daisy Day as an Unicorn filly

EqG Daisy Day
Daisy Day's human counterpart

Kind Artequine Alicorn (since "A heartwarming work of art), Unicorn (formerly)
Sex Mare
Occupation Princess (since "A heartwarming work of art"), artist
Eyes Brown
Mane Dark blonde with gold-blonde streaks, blonde (formerly)
Coat Pale pink
Nicknames Princess Daisy, Her Highness, Princess, Daisy, Daisy Day
Cutie mark
A paint palette with different colors and a paint brush (can't find a better way to explain it)
Voice DaisyBestPony's voice (go to her YouTube account)
Owner DaisyBestPony


Her full name is Daisy Louisa Day, and her nicknames are Daisy Day and Daisy.


She's a pale pink 15-year-old Unicorn with brown eyes. She has long, dark-blonde hair with a gold-blonde streak. Her Cutie Mark represents her talent: drawing. She has a hot pink magic aura.


She's a kind, shy pony who hides her right eye most of the time. She's also hard-working and tends to be unconfident or panicky. She doesn't like to get negative commentary. Also, she's a curious pony who tries new things whenever she wants.


She was born and raised in Ponyville. On her first day of school, she already got bullied. At the 7th grade, she was done with all the bullying. She decided to move to a different school. She still got bullied, but less. During the last 4 years, she's had a bad experience with stallions, and now she can hardly trust them. Soon enough, DJ has told her he's in love with her. Time passed by and she also fell in love with him, and she told him about it as well, because she completely trusted him. They're currently dating each other.

NOTE: Daisy Day's backstory isn't done yet. She still has to go through a lot of things.

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