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Daquiri delight
Daquiri Delight


Daquiri Delight


Earth Pony



Cutie Mark:

A pink martini with a banana slice


"All water and no flavor does not a tasty drink make!"

Daquiri Delight is an earth pony who grew up in Delamare. She is hard working, a natural leader, and big-sister like. She has a talent for mixing drinks. Daquiri's best friend is Strawberry Surprise, who works beside her to create wonderful culinary creations. Daquiri has shown to possess talents such as singing, running fast, and cooking; although she cannot create desserts like Strawberry can. She dreams of singing with her favorite band one day.


Daquiri was born to her earth-pony parents, Belarus "Big Red" Cocktail her father, and Corona Lime, her mother.

When she was young, she wanted to help her father mix drinks, but he did not want her doing this -- he felt that it was unsafe for a young filly to be working around glass and certain chemicals. One night, she snuck away and made her first drink by accident. When she had returned, her cutie mark had appeared on her flank. Her father had seen this and went to the bar to see the mess she had made. By then, eveyrthing was tidied up, but a lone drink stood on the counter (the one Daquiri had made on accident). Belarus was impressed with the flavor and taste, and named the drink the "Ruby Filly" after Daquiri.

After a few years of growing up, she left with her father to a new home that was closer to the bar. They worked together until Daquiri was to move to Ponyville and hopefully expand her father's business.

When she moved to Ponyville, she was reunited with her childhood friend Strawberry Surprise, who was, at the time, working part-time at Sugarcube Corner. They both agreed that they should work together to create great drinks and dishes.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Mixing Drinks
  • Running
  • Singing
  • Hard Labor


  • A little over-protective
  • Sometimes bossy
  • Doesn't handle rejection well
  • Has a bit of a short temper


  • Daquiri Delight is taller than the average filly.
  • She is considered a "lucky charm" because of her July 7th birthday and the red coloring of her coat.
  • She is a fan of bandannas.
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