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Dark Mash
Kind Doppelling
Sex Genderless
Occupation Changeling/Doppleganger
Eyes Bright Red
Mane Extremely Dark Grey/Black
Coat Extremely Dark Grey
Nicknames "The Dark One", "Bad Mash", "Doppelgänger"
Relatives Count Ulka
Alignment Evil
Theme Song FFVII_ACC_Music_-_Black_Water_-_FFVII_ACC_Version
Cutie mark
NONE - Changeling
Voice Negative KyoShumiTa
Owner KyoShumiTa


Dark Mash was created by Count Ulka and Queen Chrysalis in attempt to defeat Potato Mash to get revenge from Mash winning and defeated the Count, Dark Mash was then ordered to defeat the real Mash and ruin his life, with it's new found power in hand it will do the justice that Count Ulka had failed to do, it's fighting ability was completely the same to his regular counterpart, causing to be the challenge that Mash strived for, though unintentionally.

Currently, Dark Mash lives in the everfree forest, waiting for Mash everytime he passes by to do battle with him once more.


As expected to be the opposite counterpart of Mash, he is cold, heartless, arrogant and very playful in every encounter with the real Mash, he HATES to lose, so he settles for a draw or a win, hoping to get Mash to lose at any point.


While unable to be cast magic like a unicorn or fly like a pegasus, Dark Mash tends to train himself with his body instead.

  • Hind Hooves

​Dark Mash can walk on his hind hooves while he uses his front hooves to hold the dark katana, he also uses his mouth to hold the katana's hoovle from time to time, but only if he's exhausted.

  • Stamina

​​Due to his constant training from the Count and Chrysalis, he surpasses Mash in terms of Stamina, lasting much longer in a fight.

  • Thermal Vision

Unlike Mash who can see in the dark, Dark Mash can see body heat from each pony and other critter, causing it to be useful to sneak.

  • Weapon Mastery

After gaining Mash's knowledge, he has years of training under 3 days, causing him to be the same speed, strength and abilities than Mash


"Hahahaha! You're such a pathetic loser, Mash, using your friends to fight your battles for you? Perhaps I should end you now and save yourself the embarrassment!?" - While his friends protect a heavily injured Mash.

"Oh, do me a favour and be quiet, OHH! LOVE AND PEACE FOR ALL!! Well aren't you a barrel of heaven?" - Mocking Mash in his views on the world.

"Very well, if Mash is unable to fight me, how bout I fight all of you at the same time?!" - To Mash's friends.


  • Dark Mash was created to be the opposite of Mash, but with advantages, the idea was inspired by Castlevania.
  • Dark Mash confuses Queen Chrysalis as his mother and Count Ulka as his father which makes no sense as they were never a couple.
  • Dark Mash loves peace and quiet, but he HATES Peace as a belief.
  • Dark Mash loves to pick fights, especially with his regular counterpart.