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Dark Mind
Dark Mind
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Writer
Eyes Orange
Mane Blue
Coat Black
Cutie mark
Owner User:Mynameistheodore83

"Mark my words, I'll have my revenge!  NO ONE beats me at Haylo!"

- Dark Mind


Dark Mind is a black Unicorn with a blue mane and orange eyes.  He is a member of the Chaotic Crew.  He is a budding fiction writer, and he spends a lot of time with his friends Chip Tune, Armor Strike, and Gadget Tech.


Dark Mind met his friends in school, and they formed the Chaotic Crew.  Mostly they find as many ways as possible to have fun around town.  He is intelligent, but doesn't apply himself as much, so he doesn't seem as smart.  He is a creative genius, and provides the group with many ideas.


To those that don't know Dark Mind as well, he seems very reserved and cold.  Some ponies would go as far as to say that he's evil.  But his friends know that he has issues with new people.

Once you're his friend, you'll see that he is actually a very nice and funny pony.  He makes jokes constantly and tries to lighten the conversation as much as possible.  

However, there is a darker side to him.  He often makes jokes about causing bad things to happen, which his friends aren't sure they are actually jokes.  In spite of this, the group will often blame him for bad things happening, which he plays along with.  

When Dark Mind gets angry, he lets his darker side take over him.  His eyes change from orange to red, and his mind is filled with dark thoughts.  He knows that in this form he is more dangerous and uncontrollable, so he often hides until the moment passes.

His emotions greatly affect the rest of the Chaotic Crew.  When he is sad, the whole group seems to have a raincloud over it.  When he is happy, everyone is having a great time.


Dark Mind is based off of one of User:Mynameistheodore83's friends in real life.