Dark Nightmare
Name: Dark Nightmare

Age: 27yrs.

Race: Alicorn

Mate: Christian Brutal Sniper

Crush: Red Medic

Personality: Crazy, loyal to friends, Curious, Daring to do things.

Abilities: Can harmonize to make ponies fall under my spell.

Strengths: Can run & fly fast, (etc).....

Weaknesses: When my mate or crush gets hurt, or I fail my duty.

Bio: TBA

Friends: Shining Fire, Cloud Runner, Starlight Secret, Crazed & Confused, Beetlejuice, Moonlight, Red Medic & Sniper, Chet, Chirstian Brutal Sniper, Sassy Sniper, Christian Brutal Medic, Wilson, Maxwell, Slendermane, Cheshire Cat, Ace, Red & Blue Spy, Thrax, Fluffypuff, The 10th Doctor, Wooden Toaster, All the bad ponies from MLP, Loki, Freddy, Michael, Jason, (etc).....

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