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Darling Chord
Kind Unicorn
Sex Mare
Occupation None
Eyes Lilac
Mane Pink and Gold
Coat White
Nicknames Dar; Darling
Relatives Sweetie Belle (Mother); Rarity (Aunt); Spike (Uncle); Gemdust (Cousin)
Cutie mark
Piano Keys
Voice Unknown
Owner EAHgirl33


Darling is a kind, confident mare with a huge heart and an even bigger amount of courage. She is always willing to help out a friend no matter what, and she enjoys spending time with them. She is sure not to let either her blindness or fake hoof get in the way of having fun, and she loves to sing as much as possible. To her, singing is a way of expressing herself without needing to say a word. She loves to spend a lot of her time in the forest with Fluttershy, as well as helping her care for the animals, especially the birds. She enjoys using her freetime at Fluttershy's house to harmonize with them, and she never misses a chance to try and convince Fluttershy to join her in song. She also loves to spend time with her cousin, Gemdust, who is also her best friend.


  1. Darling was born with dyslexia, though it is just a mild case that made her confuse her p's and g's and o's and a's, until she couldn't read anymore after she became blind.
  2. Darling wasn't born with complete blindness. She was colorblind since she was born, but the complete blindness later in her life was caused by an unknown accident in her earlier filly years.
  3. Darling's prosthetic hoof is a result of the same accident that caused her blindness. As a result of the unknown accident, she lost both her vision and her back right hoof, which had to be replaced with a prosthetic one. She still is able to walk fine, though she has a little trouble with stairs, and no one treats her differently because of her disabilities.



Darling Chord Filly


Darling Chord Earning Her Cutie Mark (Newly Blind)


Darling Chord Teenager