Bronies Wiki
Dawn Oracle Lunar Dusk
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Relatives Oracle (Mother)
Soul (father)
Cosmic (Aunt)
Ghost (Grandfather)
Dusk (Husband)
Diamond (Daughter)
Allies Her family
Metal Gear
Enemies BITF
Cutie mark
Watch with a beam next to it
Owner sockerboy129

Age 5 history Cryptic gamers time line: Dawn is a kind young timid and somewhat stubborn unicorn that used to be a filly with NO HOME! After Oracle found her she detected the same blood inside her and finally found her lost daughter. Dawn actually followed Oracle to the artic and caught a bad cold when she was supposed to stay with pinkie pie as her foal sitter. She also got captured, By Flarebeam and blood storm on separate occasions. Which is why ORacle keeps her safe in the house. After a while with no friends she took her friendship course from Luna and got her assistant flare. Aracanasmight timeline: Dawn was lonely with only her parents and no friends

Age 8 aracanasmight timeline: Dawn received a summon from princess Twilight and was sent to manehatten with Flare. And like Twilight she is studious often worried and freaks out over nothing. She sends a letter to princess Twilight EVERY WEEK. She actually learned a lesson by helping Rarity with something like a crisis. Dawn after sometime in Manehattan met Dusk Sparkle *Twilight's son* and later married him during a long journey. Dawn is a huge fan of the Daring do Books and Axis the adventurer (made by me) She loves dusk so much that if he is KILLED she can REVIVE him with a magic surge. In one Roleplay dusk was crushed to death by debri and dawn revived him. in another roleplay dusk was stabbed. and dawn HEALED him. *Characters on side panel will be mentioned on separate pages. She is still rather timid but she is calm with Dusk. And at her age she has strength's

Age 20: She is now a full time spirit and will continue to keep time in balance. Her mother from the past has been Visiting her to assist her and do other things that dawn can't handel.