Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Hot Pink
Mane Pink and Dirty light red
Coat Dark Burnt Red
Cutie mark
Owner User: Brutalessin

"Is this recording? *clears throat* Brother, dear, I met some...odd ponies yesterday, said they could...time travel? I, of course, did not believe them because as father told us it isn't possible. I didn't look much more into the matter, but if you do want to know, I met them in Ponyville. The leader, I suppose, had a grey coat and her mane is purple. The other pony, believed herself to be very brave, was a unicorn. Her coat is red and mane is brown. What struck me odd the most is when we locked eyes. It sent a chill up my spine and I could tell it did to her as well. That made me curious, but I had more important matters at the time. The demon that was lurking in the shadows of Ponyville has been sent back to Hell. I shall be returning back soon after I find Gamma." 

- Delta, recording a message about mysterious ponies in Ponyville to her brother, Alpha.

About Delta

Delta is a Pegasus from Manehattan. Her mane is reddish-pink with a light strip of pink going through it. Her coat is reddish-brown, and her eyes are the same color as her hair. Delta has light freckles. She wears a green jacket where she stores her weapons and light green boots for long walks through forests and muddy areas. She needs glasses, so she wears red squared ones. Her cutie mark is a shield with the number "4" on it. It stands for protecting. The "4" is because her name, Delta, is the Greek number "4". 

Delta has three siblings. Two older brothers named Alpha and Beta. Then an Older sister named Gamma They are all hunters who hunt the supernatural in Equestria. Many don't know about their occupation, as they like to keep it a secret from others. Her father and mother taught them about the supernatural until her father died. After that, her mother decided to settle down and stop hunting. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta went on continuing their parents legacy.

Life Story

-coming soon-

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