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Primson, you still don't have you're cutie mark yet? *laughs* what a shame. If you don't have you're cutie mark yet, nobody will ever want you for their model.

–Diamond to her rival Primson

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring
"Diamond Ring, what a lovely surprise" -Primson Gown
Kind Earth
Sex Female
Occupation Model for Pony Perfect
Star of Equestria's Top Models
Eyes Turqoise
Mane Light yellow and light blue
Coat White
Nicknames Dia, DR (most of the time), Ri, Ringo (Primson)
Relatives Diamond Tiara (cousin)
Filthy Rich (uncle)
Rivals Primson Gown
Cutie mark
Yellow diamond ring
Owner User:Loripop20
Diamond Ring is a female Earth pony model for the magazine, Pony Perfect and stars the show Equestria's Top Models.


When this model was a little filly, she was best friends with Primson and was a paegant girl (so was Primson). But, Primson always won first place and Diamond second. Diamond's jealousy and hatred grew so soon, Primson was her top rival. When she was asked to join Pony Perfect, she was about to decline the offer but when she saw Primson at the studio, she seized the chance to defeat her.

Cutie Mark History[]


Diamond is extremely nice to everyone except for her rival, Primson Gown. She has absolutely no interest in the most handsome stallions in Canterlot and would rather keep her mind in the "important things in life" such as beating Primson.

Rivalry with Primson Gown[]

Diamond hates Primson and Primson hates Diamond. Every time Diamond has almost gotten her way to the top, Primson has always beat her.


She absolutely has no interest in stallions.

Diamond Tiara: Her little cousin may get in her beautiful hair sometimes, but is treated like a little sister. Diamond Tiara often gets scolded for teasing the Crusaders but Diamond sometimes also shrugs it off.

Fancy pants: Diamond has always been invited to Fancy pants's parties and is a good friend of this remarkable stallion.

Tess Opal-Quartz: When Diamond stopped by her store, she though on how the jewelry could help her on her photo shoot and beat Primson Gown once and for all. She asked Tess to make some unique jewelry for her that was inspired by her personality. They became friends soon after.

Lavender Melody: She is one of Diamond's bffs

Amethyst Dazzle: Amy is Diamond's friend and her top stylist and designer