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Digit Whizzhooves
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Computer Programmer
Owner User:MysteriosoPony

Digit Digit is the coltfriend of Mysterioso and a good friend of Blaire Cometdust and Nebula. He is a computer programmer.


Digit is loyal, brave, and smart. He is very talented academically, but he especially good at all things technological.


He has an orange coat and royal blue eyes, mane, and tail. His mane is short and spikey.


Digit's parents were both seriously ill throughout his fillihood, and him and his twin sister, Lavender Amethyst had to constantly look after them. Digit felt pressured to grow up faster than he should. He had a thirst for knowledge and was very gifted, but he never had enough time to engage in all the extracurricular activities at school that he wanted to attend. Eventually, both his parents died. Digit was devastated, but tried to turn his misery into a positive thing by using it as fuel for working harder than ever. Him and his twin were split up and adopted by different families. Initially, they both ran away from their homes and met up late every night. Digit despised his new family, but his sister actually liked hers, and after a while she stopped turning up at their nightly meetings. As soon as he was old enough, Digit bought a house of his own and landed a job as a computer programmer. Not long after, he met Mysterioso