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Dirty Bindle
Dusty Bindle
Dirt Bindle
Kind Earth
Sex Male
Occupation Migrant Worker
Eyes Pale Pink
Mane Dark Grayish Tangelo
Coat Pale, Light Grayish Gold with Medium Gray spots
Nicknames Dust Bin
Cutie mark
Bindle Cutie Mark
A Bindle made of a Yellow cloth and a Brown Staff
Voice Jason Marsden
Owner User:Otherside86

Dirty Bindle is an earth pony drifter and part of the Steed 6.


His design was based off of a miner named Dusty Canary and Amalgam Refuse. But he was then repurposed into "Dusty Bindle". Which was later changed to "Dirty Bindle", as a reference to "Dirty Harry" and not to connect with Dusty Pages. His lifestyle is based off of the Red Skelton character Freddie the Freeloader, and his character is based off of Herman Mendoza from the movie Lazer Team.


Dirty Bindle is a migrant worker who prefers to live a simple life of vagrancy. He has no problem on his condition, and does not seek a normal life or higher standards. He would consider to avoid any responsibility and commitment. But after meeting Sir Sheath and the rest of the Steed 6, this is one opportunity he cannot pass off.

He would going around Equestria, taking up little jobs for a short while just to earn a living. But he is always able to manage himself perfectly without the need of some conveniences. He is an expert when it comes to being out and about, or being in the gutter.


Dirty is considered to be very dirty, in every sense of the word. He's got a rude, immature, and obnoxious attitude; but not without a little sensitivity.

Unlike fewer freeloaders (like Zephyr Breeze, Capper, and Sludge), he will not take advantage of the generosity of others, deceit to get his way, or slack off. He is willing to see a task through to the end once he is devoted to something, exactly as it should be.

He would often butt heads with Silver Lining. One reason for trying to convince Dirty to change his lifestyle.