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Disco Sparks is a male Earth pony and one of the former residents of the Kandisweet Kingdom.




Once, Disco Sparks lived in Ponyville, holding discos for the ponies every night. But then the evil Sparkle Vibes, princess of the Kandiswet Kingdom, saw how happy he was making other ponies. Sparkle Vibes was filled with anger and jealousy because she believed that happiness could only exist in the Kandisweet Kingdom, where everyone was completely in her power. So, Sparkle Vibes captured Disco Sparks and brainwashed him. For a long time after that Disco Sparks only held discos in the Kandisweet Kingdom, until he was released from the brainwashing by Twilight Sparkle, along with all the other Kandisweet Kingdom citizens. Now he has gone back to live in Ponyville again.