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Dmitry Tsakhordyn
Дмитрий Цахордын
Kind Human
Sex Male
Occupation Politician
Eyes Black
Nicknames Sir Tsakhordyn
Cutie mark
Communist Hammer and Sickle
Communist Logo

Sergeant Dmitry Ignatyevich Tsakhordyn (Russian: Дмитрий Игнатьевич Цахордын) is a 35-year old politician from the Communist Party of Equestria, who does work quite decently as well, according to avid records.


He was born in Moscow, and this was especially a great time for him, since he attended school for a long time, eventually graduating from school with a law degree, and after he graduated, he joined the Communist Party by reading a reference to Karl Marx entirely, and this was very hard for him to do, but eventually, his work paid off, and he was appointed by Vyacheslav Prygatsev.

He had served in the Russian Army himself, but regardless, he did quite well in the military, so he got promoted to Sergeant himself, which is a great way to recognize his skills.


He's interesting, as he's a great politician himself, but even working with other people!