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An Equestria Girls-ified Dr. Hooves by LimeDazzle.

"Dr. Hooves: The Time Turner" is a song featured in Equestria Girls: Field Trip to Ponyville, sung by the human Dr. Hooves. The song is a parody to Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat from the musical Cats, and the shorten version from the 2019 film.


Dr. Hooves, the Time Turner
The doctor without a name!

There's a whisper down the line at 11:39
When the Night Mail's ready to depart
Saying "Doctor! Where's the Doctor?
Well if he's missing, that's a shocker!
We must find him or the clocks can't start!"

All the guards and all the porters and the station master's daughters
Would be searching high and low
Saying "Doctor! Where's the Doctor?
For unless he's quite a trotter
Then the Night Mail just can't go!"

At 11:42 with the signal overdue,
And the passengers all frantic to a man
That's when I would appear, and I'd saunter to the rear
I'd been busy working in my lab

Then he gave one flash of his bright blue eyes
And the signal went all clear!
They'd be off at last for the northern part
Of the Northern Hemisphere!

Dr. Hooves the Time Turner! (2x)
Dr. Hooves! (2x)

Dr. Hooves the Time Turner!
The doctor without a name!

You could say that by and large
It was me who was in charge
Of the sleeping car express
From the driver and the guards
To the bagmen playing cards
I would supervise them all
More or less

I would watch you without blinking
And I'll see what you are thinking
And it's certain that I won't approve
Of hilarity and riot, so the folk were very quiet
When the Doctor about and on the move

You could not resist this mad scientist
I'm a mind that cannot be ignored
So nothing goes wrong on the Northern Mail
When Dr. Hooves was aboard!

It was very pleasant when you walk into my lab
As if your name's written up on the door (Woo! Woo!)
With my workspace very neat, with a newly written sheet
And not a speck of dust on floor

Then the temp walked in politely
And would ask you very brightly
"Do you like your morning tea weak or strong?"
But I was just behind him and was ready to remind him
For the Doctor won't let anything go wrong!

When they crept into their cosy berths and pulled up the counterpane
You ought to reflect that it was very nice
To know that I wouldn't be working on mice
They could leave all this to the scientist
The doctor without a name!

Dr. Hooves the Time Turner!
The doctor without a name!

And he gives you a wave of his dirt brown tail
Which says "I'll see you again"
You will meet without fail on the Midnight Mail,
The doctor without a name!


Skimbleshanks- The Railway Cat (From The Motion Picture Soundtrack "Cats")