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Dragonfly is a pegasus who is dark blue with green eyes and a Wonderbolt mane. Strangely, she has dragonfly wings instead of normal bird wings. Although this means that no proper flying schools let her in, this also gives her a grim determination to make everyone realize how good her flying is. She is a blank-flank but the thing she wants more than anything, is for her cutie mark to be the Wonderbolt cutie mark for flying. The fact that she spends 24 hours a day flying, means that her special talent is something else.


Dragonfly lived with her mother and father. They were a family of pegasi, and when they found out Dragonfly wouldn't be accepted in flight school, they were saddened. However, Dragonfly loved flying and doing tricks to impress her parents. When no flight schools took her in, she practiced flying herself. Dragonfly is a bit like rainbow dash in many ways. For example, they both love flying and impressing people. They also both have a dream to become with the Wonderbolts. Her mother was a very light blue pegasus with an orange and green mane that was always styled like Twilight Sparkle's mane. Her father was navy and was also a pegasus. Dragonfly's father had a red and orange mane. Unlike Dragonfly's mother, he had a wavy mane. Dragonfly was a unique pegasus and was very active.

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