Drama Letter

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Drama letter filly by berrypunchrules-d7gckca

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Kind Earth Pony
Sex Mare
Occupation Playwright
Eyes Moderate Fuchsia
Mane Light Sap Green

Pale, Light Grayish Green

Coat Very Pale Scarlet
Nicknames Watermelody

 .Drama Letter is a light rose Earth Pony with two-tone green hair and fuchsia eyes. Her Cutie Mark matches Octavia's: a treble clef. Drama Letter is 17, the same age as the Mane Six.

Canterlot High


Drama Letter appears as a Drama Kid at Canterlot High. She is friends with Golden Hazel, Sophisticata, Indigo Wreath, Nolan North, and Trixie, her fellow Dramas. Drama Letter and Sophisticata often collaborate on plays, and Golden Hazel acts for them. Drama Letter also likes listening to Indigo Wreath's poetry.

Other Friends

After Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie helped the girls to "see things another way", Drama Letter began hanging with her other friends more often. Her friends Mystery Mint, Tennis MatchCherry CrashBlueberry Cake, and Starlight. She is often seen dancing hand in hand with Blueberry Cake.



Drama Letter can be described as quirky at times. She is a peace maker, and very loyal to her friends. Watermelody does have a tendency to jump to conclusions, though.

Myer-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Drama Letter is typed as an ENFJ, which means Extroverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving. She values harmony, and is honest and loyal. Drama Letter is creative, enjoys new challenges, and values others' feelings. Rarity is also an ENFJ.


Cutie Mark

Drama Letter's Cutie Mark is metaphorical. Although she admittedly is a great singer, it represents her talent of inspiring others. She earned it when she helped inspire Sophisticata to write a play. Before that, she was just a director who had a tendency to be bossy.

Writing and Plays

Drama Letter has a flair for writing plays and musicals. Several have been performed for Princess Celestia herself! Drama Letter has written many plays, such as The Mare on Walnut Street or Crystal World So Fine. 


Drama Letter talks like she walked out of Shakespeare world. She usually adds "Fair" in front of girls' names (such as saying Fair Mystery Mint). Her language is eccentric at times, but her friends usually understand her. In times of extreme shock (such as falling through a portal to another universe) Drama Letter may drop her Shakespeare speech and talk "normally." 

School Events

Fall Formal

Drama Letter attends the Fall Formal, where she and the rest of the student body is hypnotized by Sunset Shimmer. Drama Letter doesn't wear her beret. She wears a necklace with her cutie mark, a treble clef, on it. She wears a black top with a grey trim and a red skirt with white lace trim. Her boots are black with white accents.

Battle of the Bands

During the Dazzlings' song, Adagio Dazzle stroked Drama Letter's beret as she walked past. Drama Letter and Indigo Wreath were part of Golden Hazel's band, Tragicomedy. They lost in the first round to the Dazzlings, however. Later the trio watched the rest of the Battle together.

Friendship Games

Of the 3 main events, Drama Letter does motorcross with Cherry Crash.


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