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This article concerns the fanfiction. The article for the Dreamwalkers group will be created later.

Dreamwalkers is an in-progress fanfiction written by NoktiKlepto.

Characters (So Far)[]

Luna: Princess of the Equestrian night. She founded the Dreamwalkers group, hoping to teach her adopted foals to bring hope through dreams.

Lucid: A spirited young pegasus, and one of Luna's most trusted bodyguards. He was an only foal, raised by parents who loved him but died as he reached young stallionhood. He became a Lunar royal guard, as both of his parents had. With nowhere else to go, he settled into the full-time guard's life, but a part of him still yearned for something more than the uniform, stoic sternness that he saw in many of the other guards. Princess Luna took a personal interest in Lucid for this; he quickly grew to become her friend and one of her most trusted guards.

Vega: A young thestral (bat pony). Like his best friend Lucid, he is one of only two guards Luna trusted enough to let know of the Dreamwalkers' existence. Vega, like Lucid, was orphaned as he reached stallionhood, and took a full-time position in the Lunar Royal Guard because he had nowhere else to go. Vega is usually more serious than his companion, but he takes amusement in Lucid's jokes and has a humorously sarcastic side as well. He takes his duty as a "father" of the Dreamwalkers very seriously, and is more than ready to help raise and protect them.

Etherwing: Ancestor of Nightwing, and one of the original Dreamwalkers.

Chapters (So Far)[]



Dear Diary