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Duke Specter is a unicorn playwright and author known throughout Equestria for his works, typically tragedies (although he has tried his hand at comedies or more lighthearted works to mixed reception). Duke wishes to be a household name one day, and writes feverishly in the hope that this dream can come true. For now, he enjoys a lukewarm fame within the community of artists.


Years ago while still a blank-flank, Duke posed a question to himself: what if ponies had tragedy strike them? And not just tragedy; no, he wondered what would happen if a pony were driven to the edge of the emotional breaking point, where they would face the horrors of the world and collapse under the pressure. Of course, in the benign world of Equestria he was unlikely to ever witness such an occurence, and so his imagination went off the deep end with countless scenarios and ideas. Realizing that he needed an outlet for these stories, he took to writing, and in doing so discovered his Cutie Mark -- the classical Comedy and Drama theatre masks (although the faces were not the typical ponies, but some freakish creature that shared only the existence of normal facial features with ponies).

Duke would go on to begin a modest playwright career, culminating with his latest work, a serial production entitled "It's always Sunny in Fillydelphia". It has yet to take a hold on the attention of ponies outside artists' circles.

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Duke Specter is the OC(DNS) of the /co/ writefriend Sad Ponies.

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