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DupliCreep is a dark green stallion that loves to cause trouble. He is a clone of Creeperman and possesses abilities even he couldn't use. Other than that, he can do most things Creeperman can.


Armagedoom, Creeperman's arch nemesis, was sick and tired of being beaten by Creeperman so much, he created a clone of him. DupliCreep was much different to Creeperman, one of which was a particular power he had. If he had enough magical energy, he could copy the form of any entity around him, and be able to do the things of that entity. This means he could take the form of other hedgehogs, ponies and much more. This power would last for a long time or when DupliCreep ended the transformation. Since then, he and Creeperman have been sworn rivals, and will never learn to get along.

Coming to Equestria[]

As Creeperman spent his days living on Equestria, Armagedoom finally learned of his whereabouts and sent DupliCreep to cause some mayhem in Equestria. Looking like Creeperman and being as fast as him meant that he could frame Creeperman for many things. Eventually, he was caught and brought to justice. Later, he escaped from prison, and roams Equestria to this day. He often picks on Creeperman for "hanging out with his mare friends" (when he is with the Mane 6) and annoys him and his friends in many other ways. He likes Fudgy too, but Fudgy doesn't like him the same way back. He has formed alliances with Sunset Shimmer and Trixie in an attempt to take Creeperman down, but the trio often fail. Sometimes, DupliCreep has proved helpful, but this is not an often occurrence. DupliCreep sort of has a Super Form, but he has never transformed into it.


  • He likes to take the forms of Creeperman's friends and prank him/them. He never seems to get tired of doing this.
  • He has even made his own little motto.
All ponies of Equestria, beware!
I can become your worst nightmare!
It's the stallion star of the show!
It's DupliCreep, don't cha know!
- DupliCreep's "motto".