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Echo Repeat

"Do you even know what your talking about?! *Other pony says no* Good me either! XD". -Echo annoying somepony.

Status in Equestria:

Full Name: Echo Speaker Repeat

Nickname/s: Echo, He repeats what you say! (by Sea Dive), Broken Record! (by Reiben)

Sex: Stallion

Kind: Unicorn

Age: 19 (And on going)

Family: He's just a clone of Johnny so there's nopony.

Relationship/s: He has a crush on Sound Trip.

Relatives: None

Occupation: Being annoying!

Birth Place: Nowhere just a Clone of Johnny.

Birth Date: Well he has a birthdate though 9/4/74 September 4, 2074.

Hometown: Ponyville

Death Location: --------

Years Lived: 1 year 2 months 3 days 2 hours and 3 seconds! if you wonder why is he 19 he is 18 when Johnny got cloned and a year passed and now he's 19 so Ok.

Friend/s: Sound Trip, Johnny M. Washington, Purple Blossom.

Why does Echo annoy you?:

"I don't mean to repeat what you guys say or annoy you!, I just can't help it! It's my purpose!" - Echo explaining the truth of why he repeats what you say and/or annoy you.

Echo from the his name it self Repeats your words mostly and remembers it forever. He's annoyingness (I don't know if that's even a word! XD) really gets in your nerves promisely, it will make you mad and hate him for a very long time (Not that long it's just 56 hours or maximum of 34 days).....but you'll soon understand that he's also misunderstood like my OC Johnny. He repeats what you say mostly because he maybe irritated or he might forget the instructions for something so he has to repeat it.