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Cutie Mark

dosen't have one yet (its a rainbow)


helping around the house,odd jobs


bubblegum,flowers,breezy,the CMC,pinkie pie.


eclipse:when I grow up I want to work at the rainbow factory. bubblegum:you don't know what that is do you? eclipse:nope! :D

eclipse is bubblegums sister she has red eyes and every

thing else is black.




eclipse is always happy and trusts everypony.she thinks of everypony as her friend and even has some friends that are changelings.a statue of her is in the everfree forest because of what happened the day after she left (more info on bubblegums page)ponys said that she gave ponyville bad luck and said that discord coming to ponyville was her fault.the ponys in ponyville were scared when she came back but after weeks of no bad luck they started treating her normal again.eclipse has a obsession with colors is always drawing things and doing odd jobs involving color.eclipse is also a good singer and likes to practice with sweetie belle.


eclipse had a pretty normal life compared to bubblegum.eclipse went to visit her grandparents who live very far from ponyville for a week the day went normally the next day didn't somewhere between 11am and 12am she felt a strong wind and then a rumbling then ice started forming on the house before she could do anything the house and her were in a block of ice for some reason the ice wasint cold but didn't melt for a long time when the ice did melt her and her grandparents were still the same age but it took a year for it to melt her grandparents said to start getting ready to go home cause her parents must be worried sick after a long fly home bubblegum said that they were adopted and that she will explain later. eclipse took the news better than bubblegum did(maybe cause she saw it) and eclipse told bubble gum what happened to her and why she was still so young and then asked bubblegum if she wanted to play twister (lol)


because of her personality eclipse can be easily tricked into doing whatever shes asked.cause of a birth defect shes a pegasis instead of an alacorn

special talent[]

eclipse can draw amazing drawings without even trying she make most art look ugly by comparison most of the time she is asked to help with things involving color and art




eclipse doesn't really act like her life changed shes still as happy as before shes aging slowly but thats better than nothing.