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Kind Draconequus Alicorn Hybrid
Sex Male
Occupation TBA
Eyes Luminous vivid azure
Light brilliant azure
Light brilliant amber right eye and Moderate magenta left eye
Mane Moderate cerise
Dark grey
Dark blue
Light brilliant tangelo
Coat Brilliant yellow
Light heliotrope
Brilliat gamboge
Pale, light grayish mulberry
Nicknames Prince Eclipse Sparkle (Official title)
Relatives Discord (Creator)

Princess Twilight Sparkle (Mother)
Flash Sentry (Father)
Harmonic Sparkle (Older sister)

Draconequus features Light grey
Very light amber
Light indigoish grey tail
Light brilliant yellow claws
Strong azure chest fluff
Greyish blue horns.
Cutie mark
Owner User:Absolzoey
Eclipse is a clumsy Draconequus hybrid pony from Canterlot. He lives in the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom in Ponyville with his family. He is the son of Princess Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry, younger brother of Harmonic Sparkle, best friend of Icarus and the love interest of Soaring Lightening.



Eclipse is a fun and care free pony. He doesn't care too much for how ponies see him. Unfortunately because he was born blind in one eye, he is rather clumsy.


After having Harmonic Sparkle, Twilight desperately wanted to give her a sibling, but sadly she could not have any more foals. Discord was still in debt to Twilight after she showed him the true magic of friendship, so he decided to use his chaotic magic to create a child for Twilight and Flash. The result was Eclipse. He has features of a Draconequus, including a cat tail, but he also has features from Flash and Twilight. With this cat tail he has the ability to purr.

After he was born, his parents loved him very much and raised him as their own, but it wasn't until his teen years that they told him that Discord created him with magic.


Eclipse is skilled at average pony magic, like his mother. But because Discord created him, he has the ability to use chaotic magic. He has not yet mastered it, and because of his clumsiness quite often he casts spells that cause some havoc.

He learnt from his dad how to fly and he is descent at it.

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