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The Elements of Bliss are positive emotions any pony can feel. The elements can grown in power if one particular pony is filled with the positive emotion. These are the opposite of the Elements of Misery. There is an unknown number of Elements of Bliss however only six are needed to unlock the Element of Bliss.


This of elements and their holder.

Element of Love - Rith

Element of Wisedom - Crosis

Element of Joy - Trance

Element of Deterimation - Alt

Element of Courage - Collin

Element of Hope - Hush Mouth

Weilding the Elements[]


Rith got the Element after she lost her Elemenet of Hate when Skipsalou loved her. She had to learn to love herself.


Crosis is one of the few to weild two Elements at once because he understood how they worked. He gaurded the Element of Fear for Thousands of years until Black Widow stole it from him. Now he spreads knowledge and the importance of seeking the truth rather than fear.


The Element of Joy blesses many but now Trance holds this Element. Her desire to seek out the delights of life and little pleasures allowed her to reach euphoria.


Believe in yourself and stay true to your dreams. Alt over came her struggles and gained freedom through friendship.


You can accomplish anything as long as you have the bravery to reach for the star. This Element was given to


Never doutb yourself, always believe in your own strenght and encourage others. Hope is one of the strongest yet more difficult emotions to find.