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The wielders of the Elements of Love.

The Elements of Love are magical artefacts that are similar to that of the Elements of Harmony. They are summoned when the current leader of the group of ponies that posses them stamps his/her hoof on the ground. The elements were created by Princess Cadence, in the hope that should the Elements of Harmony fail, these can be a back-up plan. The current wielders of the elements are a group of 10 best friends: Xethon Skull, Diamond Gamer, Dan Smith, Heart Blaze, Sparkle Sky, Snow Gem, Princess Crescent, Will Farquarson, Kyle Simmons and Woody.


The Elements of Love were created by Princess Cadence, as a back-up plan should the Elements of Harmony fail. She enchanted 10 Gemstones with all the power of love she could find, each with different quantities of magic. The most powerful of the 10 stones, is the black onyx.

After Cadence had finished creating the Elements, she enchanted them so that when the true wielders come along, they will appear before them.

Years after they were created, Cadence began to become weak, stressed and worried, she found a spell book that she thought would cure the issue. Instead what she had got her hooves on was a book or dark magic, and she ended up cursing herself.

Origins of the wielders[]

Original 6[]

Only 6 of the group were originally elements. The group came to find and recover their respective elements when Princess Cadence became corrupt. Cadence became "Broken Heart", and it was left in the hooves of Xethon Skull and some ponies that she had met in Ponyville, to restore Cadence.
After Cadence's reformation, Xethon became her student, to study the power of Love in any circumstance.

Final 4[]

Not long after friendship had sparked between the band "Bastille" and the 6 fangirls, the band was invited to play a concert at the Changeling hive. Naturally, Heart Blaze thought it was a good idea for her and her friends to accompany them, just for safety's sake.
Everything was going fine, until he end of the show when Queen Chrysalis seeming lost her mind and began attacking the group. The 6 Elements stood in to protect the band, and Xethon told them to run. Much to her disapproval, the band come back the their aid when things looked dull. Thus, the 4 remain ponies had gained their elements.

Element Names and wielders[]



Element holders[]