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The Elements of Misery are negative emotions any pony can feel, however the element can grow in power when one particular pony is consumed by one negative emotion. These are the opposite of the Elements of Bliss. There is an unknown number of elements that make of the Elements of Misery, however only six are required to active the Element of Misery.


A list of ponies and creatures who hold an element of Misery.

Element of Hate - Rith

Element of Fear - Crosis

Element of Sorrow - Sorro

Element of Resentment - Gungho

Element of Anxiety - Lovaas

Element of Jealousy - Celipscra

Element of Doubt -

Wielding the Elements[]


Rith has optian this Element simply because she was betrayed by a friend. She has gone through many heart breaks in her life, believing she is incapable of being loved. She hates her situation. Rith ultimately losing this Element when Skipsalou becomes apart of her life. 


Crosis has aquired this Element throught he search of the unknown. His eccentric behavior and his capabilities with magic has made other wary of his existance. After being shunned by the overworld Crosis has hiden his Kingdom beep below ground fearing one day it may be discovered and received poorly by the rest of Equestria. Crosis ultimately losing this Element to Black Widow and achieves Bliss


This element was created by Sorro, however after he was stealed away it was passed to Camillia after she died. She now walks the earth in despair. She warns others of the preciousness of life and time spend with those most important. When Sorro was awaked, he took back his Element.


Gungho is angry about something.