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Eli J. Brony (Known as Eli J. Brown in his homeworld, Mobius and on TUFF Puppy's Earth) is an earth pony who was born a hedgehog on Mobius who later used a universal portal to get to TUFF Puppy's Earth and then made his way into Equestria through a mirror his friends from Petropolis had. He currently has no Cutie mark, so the Cutie Mark Crusaders accepted him as the first grown pony to be a member of their group. He also states that he thinks he knows what their special talents are, but doesn't tell them because he believes they should find out for themselves.


Eli is quite a friendly pony and he loves a lot of things relating to his interests.


Eli currently is not in any romances right now. But he is supportive of romances his friends have.


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