Elite Achievement is a white pegasus with a brown and black mane and has bright blue eyes, his cutie mark is a video game controller and he loves spending time playing his video games. His age is 19 years old.

The life of Elite Achievement

The white pegasus pony always loved playing video games. He was quite migrant growing up being he had moved to Fillydelphia, Manehattan, Appleloosa, Las Pegasus, and more. It seemed as if when ever he made friends, he had to move. So, he stayed inside and played his video games all day. Elite was afraid of making friends, because he always had to move. He was born in Fillydelphia, and he soon moved to Las Pegasus, because his parents had jobs there. Then he moved out to Dodge Junction, until he got on his hooves. He then moved to Manehattan where he would live for a while. Then, due to a recession he had to move down to Appleloosa. Once he got back on his hooves, he moved to Ponyville, where he would stay until further notice. He loves being in Ponyville and hopes that he doesn't need to move again. Every once in a while he brings his friends over to play some games with him.


Twilight Sparkle: They know each other but they aren't true friends.

Pinkie Pie: They are serious friends. They hang out all the time and Pinkie Pie helps when Elite is feeling down when he misses that certain somepony that he met in 7th grade.

Rainbow Dash: They are friends but not to the extent of best friends. They hang out and play video games every once in a while but it doesn't go any farther than that

Fluttershy: They don't really talk because of Fluttershy's self conciousness.

Rarity: They know each other, but Elite leaves Rarity alone so she could work on her dresses and stuff

AppleJack: They are friends that help each other out when one of them needs it. Elite helps buck the trees with AppleJack every once in a while.

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