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Ember Storm is the original character (OC) of Ember Storm!SNOWBallqA on Ponychan and other pony-related sites.

Pony Info
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"Healing by fire is... an interesting ability to be sure"

- Beleren


Ember Storm





Cutie Mark


Unique Traits

Pyromancy, both a horn and wings


Ember Storm is a white, grey-black haired unicorn with an orange hipster scarf and phoenix feather in his ear. He is considered a Quasi-Sue by a few, possessing several Mary Sue characteristics without distinctly crossing the threshold into Sue-dom. These characteristics include: Wings + a horn, the ability to utilize fire magic in unorthodox ways ("healing with fire")and mane cast shipping.

Ember was one of the first OC's to become associated with the Wing Boner meme, and has remained the most popular Wingboner meme.


Ember Storm's various memes grew in popularity from May-July 2011, drawing jealous ire from bronies such as Deathwing and Hal Rocker. Ember and several other bronies began shipping Ember with the mane cast character Twilight Sparkle, an act typically considered taboo in the brony community. Several fanfictions have been written detailing their interactions.


  • While not a Ponytale character, he is friends with Epic Mount, as the bronies who made these characters are friends.
  • While catagorised as "Alicorn" for having both wings and horn, he is technically a unicorn, with additional wings by screwed up magic.