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Emerald Glimmer is an alicorn pony by birth and is a member of the Bellatrix Kingdom's Mane 6.


Emerald Glimmer

Emerald's self picture.

Emerald is an alicorn beacuse her mother is a unicorn and her father is a pegasus. Her parents have already deceased, and she has no siblings so she's all alone. But she has a pet parasprite named C



Emerald was an arrogant pony before she arrived and lived in Bellatrix. She only wanted to make friends who were either royal blood or famous. But when she arrived in Bellatrix 5 mares offered to be friends

with her, but she snubbed them at first. But when she learned about the magic of friendship, she accepted them. Her current personality is a friendly and amiable mare who you can totally count on.

Emerald's yay



Her best friends are Shooting Star, Minty Fresh, Diamond Mint, Florabelle, and Heart Warm Daze.


She hates Trixie, who often competes with her in magic.


  • Her voice is Martina Stoessel
  • Her parents died in a carriage accident