Bronies Wiki
Kind Dragon
Sex Female
Eyes Moderate Sap Green
Relatives Spike (son)
Balaur (mate)
Spikes Moderate Green
Scales Luminous Vivid Cyan with a Pale, Light Grayish Spring Bud underbelly and Light Spring Bud "ears"
Voice Kira Tozer Hot_Wheels_Battle_Force_5_Fused_Webisode_12_-_Overdrive
Owner User:Otherside86

Enamora is a female green dragon and the mother of Spike.



Enamora is a kind-hearted dragon among her kind, which is very rare for dragons. She grew up around brash and frightening dragons and became the mate of Balaur, the Firedrake of the Inner Flame, one of the fiercest and most dangerous dragons.

After she laid Spike's egg, she feared for her unhatched child, so she left Balaur, so her hatchling won't go through the same life she did or end up like his father.

One day, Balaur crossed paths with the Steed Knight of the Chess Table, Sir Checkmate. This gave her the opportunity to escape. Realizing what she's done, Balaur went after her. But then, Checkmate saved her by fighting him off, giving her enough time to get far away.


As Enamora tried to find new home, she was flying too close to Canterlot and was attacked and chased by the Royal Guards. They had her cornered until Princess Celestia ordered them to stand down, after seeing how much compassion and love she had, she decided to help her. She found a place for Enamora to live in peace.

As a "thank you" for her kindness, Enamora decided to give the princess her egg, as she believed that her dragon child will get a happier life amongst the pony kind. The princess agreed, and brought the egg back to Canterlot. Enamora was left in peace, thinking her child will hatch into a world where he will get a lot of friends.


Enamora's design cam from a sketch Lauren Faust made of Twilight Sparkle standing in front of a female dragon.