Enmity Organization
A Enmity Symbol2
The symbol of the Enmity Organization
Kind Pegasus, unicorn, Earth pony, dragon, griffon, and changeling
Occupation Committing crimes and rule Equestria
Owner User:Otherside86
The Enmity is an evil organization which has been hiding from Princess Celestia and Princess Luna for decades. It used to be a secret until they were exposed by their mortal enemies, the Steed Knights of the Chess Table. It is formed of ponies and various creatures who decide to abandon their individual cultures like: griffons, dragons, dogs, and changelings. Their goal is to rule over Equestria and do whatever they want.


After the Changeling Invasion on Canterlot failed, Enmity gathered up as many changelings as they could find. Some of the changelings became distrustful of Queen Chrysalis after the attack on Canterlot failed. So they decided to offer their services to Enmity. At the time, they developed a new food for the changelings, Artificial Love. A glowing pink potion that gives changelings the same satisfaction as real love, but it doesn't make them as powerful. But it suited them just the same. On this new diet of Artificial Love, the changelings were slowing cured of their obsessive savage cravings for feeding off the love of others, but their wicked nature's still intact.

Dark magic practitioners

Enmity allows dark magic unicorn practitioners into their employ. The spells they produce has several different effects, they also creates magic powder which can transform into their warriors and bring beings from paintings and books to life. They are led by Heavy Matter.

Known Members



Other depictions

After careful consideration, this version of the Enmity Organization have been reduced to a common crime gang, led by Riff Wrath.

The Enmity Gang is made up of fewer member than it originated. This is meant to be a negative version of the main cast. They set up their hideout at the ancient castle of the royal pony sisters in the Everfree Forest. They would get magical transmissions from Celestia's cousin, Lord Thanatos Embermane Darkfire, to do wicked deeds for him while he's still imprisoned in Tartarus.

Main members

Known members

Junior Division

Equestria Girls

Human Enmity Symbol

Human Enmity Symbol

In Equestria Girls: My Noble Steeds, Enmity is a street gang filled with punks and hoodlums.
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