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Entropy, the pony of disorder
Kind Alicorn
Sex Mare
Occupation Guardian of Disorder
Eyes Depends on the amount of order/disorder in Equestria
Mane Orange and Green
Coat Light Purplish Red
Nicknames Emm
Relatives Parallel (sister)
Cutie mark
The Black part of a Ying Yan
Owner User:Sabregust
Sabre armed
'Stand your ground!'

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"What fun is there in ever making sense?" - Entropy arguing with her sister, Parallel .

Entropy is the pony of disorder. She is the sister of Parallel . She tries her best to turn all of Equestria into conplete disorder.

--In progress--

Trivia list:

- She is older than Discord and never met him until she was re-animated.

- She and her sister were the first to be attacked with using the Elements of Harmony, which 'froze' them in time and space for thousands of years

- They were defeated by Star Swirl

- She isn't naturally an Alicorn, but she is the embodiment of disorder

- Her worse enemy is her sister, Parallel, who is obessed with Order

- She is a villain as she tries to throw out the balance of disorder and order. She has even attacked Discord's chaos before, because it wasn't 'chaotic' enough.

- She has the habit to give her prisoners more cutiemarks, but unlike Cutie Pox, it can only be cured by defeating Entropy.

- She was based off the song "Entropy"