This is a sortable list of fan-made episodes of My Noble Steeds: Friendship is Might written by User:Otherside86 based off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Scheduled Episodes

This is a list episodes placed in their numeric order.



Episode Summary


My Noble Steeds, Part 1 (Steed Knight of the Chess Table)

A new evil is now loose upon Equestria. So the ponies go to the stallions: Bright Idea, Nimbus Quasar, and the Steed Knight of the Chess Table Sir Sheath to stop him.


My Noble Steeds, Part 2 (Might and Magic)

Malice has overrun Equestria. So it's up to the Stallion Trio to make their stand.


Rise of Enmity

The ponies are introduced to Sir Sheath's mortal enemies, the Enmity Organization.


Guy's Night Out

Nimbus Quasar and Bright Idea decides to take Spike out for some "guy time".



Bright Idea builds a robot that goes a little haywire.


New Kids in Town

Foals from Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns came to Ponyville on a field trip, and everything turns upside down.


Weight of the World

The ponies must prepare themselves as they stand face-to-face with Heavy Matter.


A Change is A Comin'

The ponies need to gather all their skill to go up against five Changeling Hives.


The Mare in the Mask

Somepony stole the costumes and took on the name of The Mysterious Mare Do Well. The ponies must find out who is behind that mask.



The ponies have been called to Applelossa to track down a band of outlaws who shaves off ponies hair to make wigs.



When Sir Sheath goes off on a mission, he calls on his old mentor to supervise Little Valor's training.


Celestia's Vault

Someone is gathering the pieces of the key to Princess Celestia's private vault.


What's on the Other Side?

The Enmity Organization are being foiled by the Mysterious Mare Do Well. They must figure out how to get her off their backs.


The Infinity Star

Sir Sheath was in charge of a special task force to retrieve the sacred Infinity Star. But they're not the only ones after the star.


Super Steeds

an enchanted comic book has turned the Stallion Trio into the "Super Steeds", and the Mane 6 back into the Power Ponies. Not only did they turned them into superheroes, the super villains the book were released.


Knight Discord

Discord becomes fascinated in how the Steed Knight Sir Sheath and his crew carry themselves. So he starts harassing him to see if he's as good as everypony says he is.


The Inner Flame

The strain from Spike's Inner Flame his too much for him, that he is driven by pure uncontrollable rage. His pony friends must help him control his anger before he hurts somepony.


Scout's Honor

It's boys vs girls. The colt scouts challenge the filly scouts in exploring the Everfree Forest.


Meet the Parents

Flash Sentry visits Canterlot, and Princess Twilight Sparkle would like to introduce him to her parents. So Sir Sheath and his friends try to help him out.


The Show Must Go On

Nimbus Quasar sets up a variety show for charity.


Rocks and a Hard Place The ponies visit Pinkie Pie's Family's Rock Farm. But their visit became even more unpleasant when they came upon a pack of dragons.


A Stallion's Story

The boys start sharing stories of their lives.


No Owners Allowed

The Stallion trio dropped their pets at Fluttershy's cottage while they're out of town.


Checkmate - Part 1

Heavy Matter has release two great armies onto Equestria, and now the ponies have to find a way to stop this senseless war.


Checkmate - Part 2

The ponies are now on the run. They've become forced to team-up with the enemies.


Checkmate - Part 3

The ponies make one final stand against Lavan and Bliz-Zaurd.

Unused Episodes

This list sorts out the episodes that are not numbered or used.


Episode Summary

Family Fire

The ponies discover a dark secret about Spike hidden in the crystal caves beneath Canterlot.


the ponies brace Rainbow Dash's wings in order to cure her flying addiction.

Castle Discord

The ponies are invited to Discord's new palace. Meanwhile, Enmity decides to break in and learn it's secrets.

The Grand Counsel

The ponies are invited to attend a conference with the Grand Counsel of Royalty at the Ungulate Sanctum. But soon, Xeno sneaks in to warn them that Commander Cocoon and swarm of changelings have infiltrated the Sanctum. So they must figure who these changelings are disguised as before they start a international disaster.

Triple Date

Flash Sentry finally asks Twilight Sparkle out on a date. But everything goes south when they are forced to share a table with Sir Sheath and Mare Do Well (dubbed as "Madame M"), and Riff Wrath and Trixie.

Laugh, Gargle, and Repeat

Pinkie Pie gets a toothache and is afraid to go to the dentist. So her friends tries every attempt to make sure she goes.

A King, a Queen, and a Knight

Sir Shroud and his Shadow Ponies cross paths with the wicked Queen Chrysalis of the Changelings. Both wants to take over the Crystal Empire. Luckily, the ponies have King Shed on their side to help them out. If they are not careful, their little quarrel may go overboard.

Flames of Old

The Steed Knights are not at ease when they have fight the first enemy of their predecessors.

Black Magic Knight

A dark unicorn named Sir Shroud the Black Magic Knight has been terrorizing Canterlot, and appears to have some connection with Sir Sheath.

Apocalypse Horse Now - Part 1

The Four Horses of the Apocalypse have awaken to reign havoc throughout Equestria.

Apocalypse Horse Now - Part 2

Prince Comet, Sir Sheath, and his crew must survive and escape the world of the Four Horses of the Apocalypse.

Apocalypse Horse Now - Part 3

The ponies make one final stand against the Four Horses of the Apocalypse.

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