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Equestria Girls Mane 6 and Stallion Trio 2

The Mane 6 and The Stallion Trio

Equestria Girls: My Noble Steeds is a fan-made spin-off by User:Otherside86 based off of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and My Noble Steeds, and a sequel to Equestria Girls: Starlight's Story.


An new magic from Equestria found it's way into the human world, and is now in the possession of Sir Sheath, Nimbus Quasar, and Tech Savvy. Now the girls of Canterlot High must help them with their new powers and defeat a great evil.




As an alternate world to the magical land of Equestria, the human characters have different jobs and roles than their pony counterparts. Following is a list of characters and their alternate positions in the human world:


"Don't you own a purse like a normal girl?"
— Nimbus Quasar to Pinkie Pie
Nimbus Quasar: I mean, that must to be the dumbest plan I've ever heard. I don't think a high school will ever amount to an army. Seriously, how much damage can a large sum of teenagers do to an entire country?
Tech Savvy: I thought they already did it.
"Everytime a threat appears, you had to play by their rules. But I think now's the time they start playing by ours."
— Sir Sheath to the others
"With a little magic, and a lot of singing lessons, we can sing perfectly again."
— Aria Blaze
"So here's the deal: you can either play nicely, or don't play at all."
— Sir Sheath to the Mane 6
"So it's settled then, Ms. Dazzle. You try to be friendly, and we'll let you roam freely. You try to run, you're pavement paste."
— Sir Sheath to Adagio Dazzle
"You see, Sunset, I don't want them to be like me. I want them to be like you."
— Syrena showing Sunset Shimmer her demon form
Flash Sentry: Yeah, bro! You rocked too!
Mare Do Well: "Bro"?
Nimbus Quasar: Flash, that's a girl.
"To be honest, I'm not much of a nice girl myself."
— Adagio Dazzle
"By the way, what's with the cheerleading squad."
— Nimbus Quasar to Tech Savvy about the girls
"If I wasn't trying be obliterated by a guy in a mask shooting energy beam me from his hand, Tech levitating objects with his fingertips, and the wings protruding from my back, I would have said you all came fresh out of the choo choo farm."
— Nimbus Quasar
Tech Savvy: So in another world, I'm a magical talking pony? I guess that's why I like polo so much.
Sunset Shimmer: Uh no, Tech...that's just you.
Tree Hugger: Blessings.
Sonata Dusk: Gesundheit.
Sunset Shimmer: I'm telling you, you can't trust the Dazzlings.
Sir Sheath: I know I can't. That's why I'm playing them.
Sunset Shimmer: Then why don't yo-wait, what?
"Wow. Who knew Pinkie Pie had an off button."
— Sunset Shimmer
Rainbow Dash: You sure played us for fools.
Nimbus Quasar: Wasn't that hard.
Fluttershy: Well that wasn't very nice.
Sir Sheath: Well sadly, my dear, neither were they.
"For the record, I'm no one's errand boy."
Riff Wrath
"Face it, Cinch. You do the kids say it? Oh yes, 'obsolete'."
Headmistress Heavy Matter to Principal Abacus Cinch
Twilight Sparkle: How are able to send me an e-mail?
Foresight: It wasn't that hard, SmartyPants42.
Rainbow Dash: "SmartyPants42"?
Foresight: Her username.
Xeno: Snuff! Are you alright?
Snuff: Do I look alright?! I...I can talk! I CAN TALK!
Spike: I know. Sweet, isn't it?