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Two crossed smallswords


Born in the town of Hoofington to a minor noble family, Esc was introduced to the sport of fencing at a young age. Having mastered the sport and discovered his cutie-mark he soon developed an interest in other forms of swordplay. Naturally enough a small town like Hoofington didn't offer many opportunities for this and once he came of age he moved on. After a few years travelling he joined Equestria's army (Out of character: assuming of cause there is more than just the Pegasi guards... otherwise this bio will be in need of a big overhaul) and spent around two decades as a junior officer. Upon leaving the army he settled in Canterlot and opened a Fencing school.

Personality-wise, Escrime has an acute sense of chivalry but is also moderately arrogant. In his youth he had a habit of challanging likely opponents to duels, but wiht his increasing age and old injuries he's less likely to do that nowdays. In addition to his loves of swords Esc is also firmly interested in history and is fairly well read on the subject.


History about the pony

Other Info

Likes: The sport of fencing, duelling, western swords (Smallsword, Backsword, Epee, Sabre and the like), history, good looking mares and wine.

Dislikes: Zebras, Katanas ("Give me a proper Sabre any day... not that Eastern junk")

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