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Eternal Glow

Eternal Glowing

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Equestria Lights
Nicknames Eternal,
Relatives Diamond Glare(mother)

Unnamed father

Personnality kind,decided,stubborn,laid back attidtude,cool.
Cutie mark
Eternal Glow&#039;s Cutiemark
Golden Sparkly Feather
Voice Karen Strassman
Owner User:PartyPoppets
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Eternal Glow is a female Pegasus and a spirit of the Equestria Lights.She is the leader of the Shimmerligh Festival, with Alpha Whirlwind.

General Info


Eternal have a yellow coat with white dots.She have bright blue eyes and a long, fushia pink mane.Her scheme is  lightly similar to Fluttershy, but the colors are more saturated and.


Eternal is a laid back pony.She doesen't implies her to hard things and always use the cool language.She is also very stubborn.

Laid Back

Eternal is a relaxed pony.She always use the simplest ways and do not care about the things that doesen't belong to her.


Eternal is very  stubborn.She always think that she have the best argument and have a difficulty changing her ideas.

Abilities and Skills




Equestria Lights

Peridot Shimmerlight

Peridot and Eternal are best friends, while having differents opinions.In time to the Peridot to Glow,Eternal and Peridot,even with a different opinion, try to make together a sparkly presentation for the Shimmerlight Festival .

Silver Bell

She and Silver Bell got a long argument for the Shimmerlight Festival.Eternal said that Silver is to chic for the Festival.For the Tornade Parade, Silver bell was scared of the dirt, who make Eternal rage up.

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