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The Evergreen is a large Tree located near Ernesto's shack in the Everfree Forest.


The Evergreen is a large tree usually seen in bloom, with pink flowers. This tree is located near the edge of the Everfree Forest, near Ponyville. The tree is considered to be a sacred place and the tree itself is magical. There is a magical force-field, marked by a ring of mushroom that grow around the three, that allows ponies and other animals to come and go from the tree. Any act of violance can not be done near the tree, or the offenders will be forcefully thrown back from the tree beyond the ring of mushrooms. No ponies or animals can harm the tree, because of the field. The tree grows fruit in the shape of hearts, inwhich some cases the Tree is refered to as the Tree of Hearts.

The Tree never seems to be touch by winter, remaining green all year long, earning it the name Evergreen. Plants lucky enough to be growing near the Evergreen, benefited from the force-field and may also remain in a forever spring to summer state.

Ernesto built a shack near the tree, because a large amount of helpful herb grew near the Evergreen. This tree is how Ivory was able to get to Euqestria from other planets.


  • The Evergreen is named after Everfree Forest, which was mistakenly heard as Evergreen Forest.
  • The Evergreen Tree is a Tree of Hearts, something used often in Aniju Aura's fan-fiction. The tree opens a wormhole to other worlds, however only a few can use it properly, or the tree will transport someone to the other side of it.
  • Some say the fruit of the Evergreen may grant wishes on the night of a Blue Moon or the Summer Solace.
  • The Evergreen acts as the Mana Tree for Equestria and may be related to the Tree of Harmony.