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FX is brash, confident, and loud when around Rainbow Dash and Pop Rock, however, he is quiet and nervous whenever he's around ponies he doesn't know. He is Scootaloo's father, but isn't very social with her due to his regret of trying to kill her in the Rainbow Factory. He is quick to let others know exactly what he's feeling, and is also angered easily. He also does not get along well with his wife Daring Do, due to working in the factory, running off and leaving her and Scootaloo, and dating Rainbow Dash.


  • Rainbow Dash-Ex-girlfriend,best friend and confidant.
  • Pop Rock-Best friend and confidant.
  • Steamwork-Best friend and confidant.
  • Leadpoint-Ex-boss and enemy.
  • Spectrum-Best friend, brother, and confidant.
  • Zap Apple-Acquaintance.
  • Daring Do-Wife.
  • Scootaloo-Daughter.


  • If FX was an Element of Harmony, his element would be bravery.
  • FX's cutiemark is a syringe as a reference to his time at the Rainbow Factory. It also references horror movies where the antagonist is an evil doctor or dentist, including the vocaloid songs Hyperdontia, Novocaine, and Project Distortion.
  • YOHIOloid56 is thinking of giving FX a dragon and having him form his own Rainbow Factory Mane 6.