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Fennel's normal look

Kind Pegasus Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Cosmetologist
Mane Pinkish grey
Coat Light sea greenish gray with Magentaish white Markings
Cutie mark
Voice Her own
Owner SugaryRush

Fennel is a happy-go-lucky pegasus mare that lives in Manehattan with her girlfriend, Candy Floss 


Fennel is a very happy and outgoing pony. She never says never, and always tries to find the bright side on things. Fennel is very happy to help her friends, but has also issues with the past. She is very prone to mood swings, and tends to snap at other ponies. Fennel has been known to be a smart-aleck and likes to poke fun at her friends.. and likes to purposefully aggravate them for fun.


  • She is named after Fennel from Pokemon Black and White
  • Fennel has Asperger's Syndrome which explains her personality
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