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Fionna as a pony
"Fiona is an adventureous Earth Pony." (Description on Trading Card)
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Adventurer
Eyes Light blue
Mane Yellow
Coat Teal
Nicknames Fio (by Marsh and her friends)
Relatives Diamond Tiara (cousin)
Filthy Rich (uncle)
Residence Ponyville
Cutie mark
Voice Madeline Martin
Owner User:PandoraStar411

Fiona is a female Earth pony who lives in Ponyville.


Fiona was inspired by the character Fionna from Adventure Time.


Fiona has many adventures with her friends in the woods and lives in the Everfree Forest, as she believes she can meet many adventures there. She loves the forest with her heart and knows it from the back of her hoof.


Fiona's appearance is simple. She has baby blue eyes, a teal coat, and a blonde mane and tail. On her tail. she added a green ribbon Marsh has given to her on her birthday. She also wears a bunny eared headband.


Fiona is very tomcolt and like AppleJack, doesn't like fru-fru or anything that has to do with dresses. Occasionally, she'll wear a dress on a special occasion but you hardly see her in a dress for fun. Fiona loves to go have an adventure once in awhile and that basically happens everyday with her best friend: Marsh All Lee. She's very smart and brave for an Earth pony, which Marsh have pointed out.