'normally i always travel, but this place looks ok to live'

About FireredKelly this is Kelly, a Pegasus with a red colored skin and blonde mane and tail. her eyes are green/lightgreen and her cutiemark is a heart.


she was born in a tent somewhere in the open fields, her parents were travelers, however, her mother died that night. so it was her and her father then. they kept traveling around the world. together they've been on the highest mountains, walked through the most scary caves, camped in the most darkest forests. however, her dad died of a disease that slowly made him sick, tired, lazy. but she kept on traveling and because she was a unregistered pony she wasn't forced to go to school and she knew how to talk, count, write, build so no big deal. after that she finally came to ponyville to rest for a year to feel how it is to get a real house. well, a tent still cause here was no house available. meanwhile she was there for 4 weeks, flash came in her life, a male Pegasus that teleported from a (human) world to this one cause of the war in his galaxy/planet. he had enough only to build a house so he did that. after his first school day he save me from some bullies. that's how we became friends.

Friends and contacts

FLASH: her best friend now, she wanna be more than just a friend but flash got no idea yet. there also both living in the same house. flash got her as a guest cause she don't got a place to stay.

Diesel: a Pegasus as well, he works at the train station for keeping the engines good. that's how they know each other, also from school.

navy Johnny: a alicorn, wants to work as guard. know each other from school.

rainbow dash: we all know who she is, know each other from school.

vinyl scratch: as known, as DJ-pon-3, sometimes performance together with flash, Kelly likes her, but is quite afraid she likes flash a bit too much.

Fluttershy: pretty common too, knows from school, they are good friends cause they are both animal lovers.


she isn't good with handling strangers, but if you know her shes really kind and nice. she is adventure addicted so she isn't afraid of things fast but when she is afraid only flash can help her. when she is angry she can become pretty dangerous.

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